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Plumber: 3 Steps to Choosing a Qualified Plumber

Will you be one of the thousands people being over charged for a plumbing problem? Unfortunately many of us do not think about the plumbing in our house until there is a problem. Like many homeowners I had no idea how the plumbing system in my house works until I was met with a flood in my bathroom and scrambled to find a plumber in the phone book. Can you say big mistake! In this article I will share 3 steps on how to pick a qualified plumber so you don’t have the experiences I have had.

Step 1: Get educated about how the plumbing system in your house works before making a call. Who ever coined the statement “Knowledge is power” must have had some experience in hiring a qualified plumber. I am kidding here of course but being uneducated is a sure sign for a plumber contractor to take advantage of you.

I know we would like to believe all people function honorably but they don’t and without any plumbing knowledge you can’t ask or answer questions intelligently. In your spare time get educated on the plumbing systems in your house a simple Google search can give you a wealth of knowledge making you more equipped to talk and choose a qualified plumber.

Step 2: Ask close family, friends, church members or neighbors first for the name of a plumber they might recommend. It is always best to use the referral from someone you trust then just blindly performing a Google search for a plumber in your neighborhood. With a referral you have at least known this plumber has done a good job by the one that refereed him or her to you.

Step 3: Ask for the person or business license number up front so you can do a check with your particular state and local license commission. Plumbing is a highly regulated profession and if they are legitimate they will be licensed with your local municipality.

Allot of plumbing companies are putting their license number on their website making it easy to check. However, there are a number of them who do not so ask for their license number and how long they have been operating as a plumber.

You don’t want a journeyman coming to your house especially if there is a major problem that you need to have fixed. Believe me, you will be surprised how many journeymen try to pass themselves off a licensed professional.

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