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Living in Virginia – Becoming a Plumber

Manassas is a historically important city in the northern part of Virginia. It has a population of about 38,000 and is likely best remembered for being the site of the first battle of the American Civil War, the Battle of Bull Run, in July of 1861. With all its history and charm, it is easy to see why people move to the city to set up businesses and raise families. If you are considering moving to the city and becoming one of the Manassas plumbers who build trusted reputations, then there are a few things you can do to make your start.

Get certified – While this may seem like an obvious move for Manassas plumbers, it is still one of the most important things you must do when you are getting ready to open up shop. To do work in Virginia, you need a license or certificate from the Virginia Board for Contractors. This board issues three types of licenses in the general trades and also offers licensing in the specialty trades of water/pumps, swimming pool construction, and other plumbing-related areas. To get certified to become Manassas plumbers, you should contact the Tradesman Licensing Section of the Board for Contractors and prepare for taking the exam to qualify for one of the levels of HVAC licensing: the journeyman and master.

As a start to becoming Manassas plumbers, you should look to become a journeyman, which requires two years of practical experience and a degree (or certificate), or four years practical experience with 240 hours of formal vocational training, among other options. To qualify for a master’s license you must have either a year’s experience as a licensed journeyman, or 10 years of department-approved, documented experience in the trade. Finally, to become either journeymen or master Manassas plumbers, you must pass the exam given by PSI Examination Services.

Setting up shop – Once you have your licensing sorted and are looking to get set up in a shop, there are a variety of pros and cons to finding a location in the center of the city. Manassas plumbers who have shops and offices right in the heart of the city have the benefit of obtaining passing trade – those who drive by and see your sign. But, the cost of renting/owning the building and the availability of space need to be considered. You might find, after all, that it is better to be a bit further away from the center and have more room for supplies and a cheaper rate of rent/taxes.

Advertising – You may think that all successful Manassas plumbers need to do is set up shop and get listed in the Yellow Pages, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. After opening, you should register with every available yellow page-style listing, both online and off, consider signage for the roads and your store/warehouse/office front, and get a website that you can then link to local sites to build an internet presence. While this may not seem like the details you want to cover as a plumber, making yourself visible on the Internet and in the city are the best ways to make your presence as Manassas plumbers known to those who might need your services.